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5 Beautiful Bathroom Tile Ideas You Can’t Afford to Miss!

If the bathroom is one of the places you spend a lot of your time – why not let your imagination fly free and turn the space into an emanation of beauty and style?

So what are the things that can help to enhance the beauty of your bathroom without any hassle? Tiles can help you to get an ideal bathroom in a hassle-free way.

Nowadays, in the recent tile trends, there is every type of design style available from minimalist to maximalist. So many varieties of shapes, colours, patterns, designs, and textures are available in tiles, making it hard to choose the perfect tile for the bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation Designs & Ideas

Are you puzzled? Don’t be! Here are the top 5 bathroom tile trends that will give you ideas for your bathroom renovation at home.

Fish Scale Tiles

Bathroom Renovations Melbourne


Fish scale tiles aka as Mermaid tiles, add an element of dimension and offer a softer look to the bathrooms to avoid a boxy look. Well, if you’re looking for something unique that looks 3D and draws the attention, then fish scale tiles are worth looking at.

It is relatively new to the market; however, so many amazing colours and styles are available that it will surely take your bathroom to the next level.

If the mermaid tiles are used in an accurate way, it will really make your bathroom pop with beautiful features.

Patterned Tiles

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Gone are the days of tile blending into the background of the bathroom. In fact, you’ll see re-emergence of patterned tiles taking the place. It has become a huge hit these days. It is fantastic if you want to add a feature wall or floor in your bathroom.

If you want to incorporate a perfect finish tile design in your bathroom, but not sure which one to go for? Patterned tiles can be your answer! Don’t be afraid to try a mismatch patterned tile combination. Who knows this mismatched style of tiles might transform the entire look of your bathroom.

Subway Tiles

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Subway tiles are beautiful and highly durable tiles that are in-trend these days. If you want to add a simple yet a modern look to your bathroom, subway tiles are best to go with. In fact, it is one of the most preferred looks for many homeowners. It is slim and thin, which makes this tile look beautiful and sleek in appearance.

Subway tiles have been on the market for years and have taken the stance of a timeless classic tile choice, so they won’t get dated in future.

Nevertheless, if subway tiles aren’t catching your interest, you can try something new this time. You can go for vertical or a herringbone styled subway tiles to add some dimension and improve the appearance.

Honeycomb Tiles/Hexagon Tiles

bathroom renovation ideas


How about the tiles with the shape of a honeycomb for your bathroom? Well, honeycomb tiles aka as hexagon tiles are one of the trendiest design options for a modern bathroom renovation.

If you wish to give your bathroom a designer look, honeycomb tiles are best suitable. It can be used on both the floors as well as the walls. Did you know what the best part about honeycomb tiles is? They easily get fit in with any kind of bathroom design, whether it’s a modern design or a country styled.

In fact, for a perfect and attractive looking bathroom, you can play with varieties of colours and tones by adding hexagon as your tile option.

Geometric Tiles

bathroom renovations Melbourne


Similar to honeycomb, geometric tiles are in-trend. Those homeowners who are willing to take a bold step with their choice of tiles can definitely go with geometric tiles. The prints and the patterns of geometric tiles add elegance to any bathroom. And the best part of these tiles is that you can use any combination no matter its bright or light, as your bathroom renovation idea.

While this is just an overview of five top bathroom tile ideas, there are so many tile ideas that can enhance the appearance of any bathroom. When you’re ready to select any bathroom accessories, tiles etc. we can help you to get the best. At Jude’s Bathrooms, we are always available to talk and design your dream bathroom thereby turning your dream into a reality. You can call us on 1300 663 805 to know more!

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