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Minimalist Bathroom Design Ideas

A bathroom is an indispensable room in any household. A minimalist bathroom design gives you more space in your small bathroom. Essential storage space can be created behind a mirrored section lining the wall above or concealed under the vanity. This is imperative for a minimalist small bathroom’s construction and style. Nowadays, especially younger generation prefer minimalist designs in their apartment homes. The idea of minimalist design demands lack of sophistication and chaos in the first place. Though this type of style statement seems simple to acquire, in reality, it can be quite tough as opposed to what most people consider.

Major Characteristics of a Basic Minimalist Bathroom Design

The major characteristics of a simple minimalist bathroom design comprise the following:

  • Choose a shower in place of a bathtub – this will increase the floor space. Many options are available to select a generous shower like the rainfall styled shower head, which means you don’t have to forgo the luxury.
  • Alternatively, you can select a simple walk-in shower with clear glass sliding door. Shower’s clear glass door will ward off any obstacle from the room’s open, neat look and ambience, creating the feeling that the shower is room’s corner or extension only.

Basic, Recessed Lighting

Lighting is recessed without any type of glitzy decoration in the walls or ceiling. In a convenient way, the light is directed towards the room’s mirror that is fixed over the vanity, and in the shower area, to facilitate safe lighting when the shower is in use. To soften the directed light beams, some designs use only recessed spot lighting without any outer shades or clear covers.

Neutral or White Fixtures, Walls & Flooring

Basic neutral or white porcelain fixtures are a part of the latest minimalist bath furnishings. Additionally, the walls and flooring are also white or neutral shades of tile and the same tiling extends into the shower. To avert the build up of chaos in the room, furniture that is not required isn’t added.

One Coloured or Wood Grain Item

One item with a coloured or wood grain surface may be there, generally of a dark, serene tone or finish. The scantiness of colour is meant to emphasise simplicity, general serenity and peaceful atmosphere of the room’s entire interiors. Depending on the lines of the sink and vanity underneath, the mirror above the vanity can be rounded or rectangular. Normally, a minimalist bathroom design will just have one sink, as two sinks might signal lavishness or indulging in luxury in the whole concept of a minimalist bathroom design.

Bottom Line

If you want to give a minimalist and neat look as well as high functionality to your new bathroom design or renovated bathroom, then get in touch with Jude’s Bathrooms for an all-inclusive smart assistance for practical bathroom designs. The specialised team at Jude’s Bathrooms can deliver the finest knowledge and premium workmanship to guarantee clean, fresh style of genuine minimalist bathroom renovations in Melbourne.

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