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Top 8 Bathroom Renovation Essentials

A variety of things is unified to build a good bathroom. It impels you to think about the use of space and what type of bathroom design you’ll choose, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. It’s crucial to decide what requisites and luxury you want to include in your bathroom renovation layout. Typically, essentials include an adequate sized bath, ample storage etc., which should all be considered in the budget. However, luxury items like rain shower should only be taken up once the final costing is done. Here are the top eight bathroom renovation essentials, which you can include in your next home bathroom renovation project.

1. Adequate Lights: There should be adequate lights in your bathroom so that you can easily access the items when you need them. Also, you can include chandelier in the bathroom to add some sophistication.

2. Bathroom Windows & Vents: A bathroom window treatment should safeguard your privacy and at the same time it has to look good. Also, appropriate air ventilation is needed to prevent mould build-up. Ensure your bathroom windows can properly cross-ventilate and install an exhaust fan if required to make sure the bathroom has sufficient ventilation. The exhaust fan needs to release the moist air towards your home’s exteriors.

3. Shower Grates: The recent stainless-steel floor grates efficiently drain the water flow; they are placed in the centre of the shower recess or at the corner of one end. These shower grates usually run the full span of the shower stall. To install them, you’ll need a plumber and tiler and the floor has to be sloped toward the grates. Shower grates are available in a variety of widths; a modern shower grate adds an architectural aspect at an affordable price point.

4. Shower Screen or Curtain: You can make your bathroom look roomier by installing an elegant shower screen. Also, selecting a frameless shower screen adds value. Alternatively, you can choose shower curtain with fun graphic prints to increase the modishness of your bathroom.

5. Bath & Hand Towels: Get bath towels preferably patterned and colourful to add a zest. Also, you can choose monogrammed hand towels to radiate a personal feel.

6. Mirrors & Storage: Install upper wall cabinets with mirror front above the basin. Mirrors give out an impression of increased space making the room appear bigger. In small or compact spaces, selecting a wall-mounted basin over a vanity will save a lot of space. Actually, there is an array of choices that will assist in adding instant customisation. Intelligent storage space needs to be designed with some inspired thinking and clever execution of smart ideas.

7. Freestanding Toothbrush Holder: A toothbrush holder is a small item but is a crucial one to keep your toothbrush, toothpaste, tongue cleaner etc. Place your freestanding toothbrush holder in a place from where you can easily access it. Also, you can keep these items inside your upper wall cabinet by allotting specific space for each item. Alternatively, you can place your freestanding toothbrush holder inside the upper wall cabinet after every use so that your basin area remains pristine.

8. Bath Mat: It is imperative to pick a bath mat that can resist clean and dirty feet walking on it and also looks good.

Bottom Line
When finalising a bathroom renovator in Melbourne, you have to take into consideration workmanship, technical skills, time management and availability. Thus, affordable bathroom renovations don’t always get you the best results. Also, don’t forget to ask for references from the professional bathroom builders.

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