Our Bathroom Renovation Process

At Jude’s bathrooms be it luxurious or budget bathroom renovations, we take quality incredibly seriously. This means that our bathrooms are beautiful, deliver to your exact requirements and are built with quality materials, fittings and design to last for the long-haul. To ensure that we deliver to our strict standards, the process is everything to us.

This ensures that everyone shall be happy and refer to the following steps that we follow.



Browse our designs and styles

There are great photos of different styles, designs and budgets on our website.

A picture certainly does tell a thousand words and it’s great to think through what you like and don’t like.

You may like one of our styles perfectly or would like to tweak and customise it to suit your tastes. You may even write a list of what you like to discuss.


Get in touch with our team

You can call us or email us, and we’ll get back to you quickly.

Once you make contact with Jude’s Bathrooms, a Design Consultant can discuss the various options and organise one of our Team Members to visit you to measure and advise you.

Face to face is important so we can understand exactly what you want.


Selections and Concepts

We have “Good”, “Better” and “Best” bathrooms to suit various tastes and budgets.

Our bathroom designer will discuss in detail your requirements and suggest the best solutions for your budget and space.

A great design is a combination of beautiful and intelligent design, giving the best ‘Form & Function’.


Proposal Build & Review

This is where we document everything with exactly what you want and how much; with a full proposal and scope of work (within 3 working days) including bathroom renovations cost / bathroom remodeling estimate.

It’s our priority to ensure we have what you want in your mind down on paper, so we get it right. We want you to love your Bathroom and we do what it takes.


Proposal Acceptance

Upon acceptance of the proposal and paying the necessary deposit – we shall get to work in the construction phase.

After project acceptance, we will document and confirm every detail of your bathroom design with you to ensure there are no surprises and agree on a timeline for work to be carried out.

Our Project Managers are always ready to explain to you the timelines, build process and what’s required.


Safety, Protecting Family and Pets

At Jude’s Bathrooms everyone’s safety is our priority.

Depending on the nature of build/renovation, we take extra steps to ensure everyone is safe such as blocking off the area physically (especially for pets/children) and having necessary signage to give appropriate warnings.


Professional Standard Construction

We completely understand that this is your home and not a ‘worksite’.

Our professionals in Jude’s Bathrooms are kind, courteous, clean up after themselves and aim to work in a way causing as little disruption as possible.

We manage everything from start to finish so you can focus on your busy lives while we get your bathroom just beautiful.


Testing, Completion and Final Review

Once all our tradespeople have completed the project, your project manager will test all items installed and check the finished bathroom passes our strict quality standards.

Only after Project Manager is satisfied, we will ask you to view and approve the completed bathroom at project handover.


Enjoy Your New Bathroom

All our bathrooms are professionally cleaned as part of our high quality service.

We leave our Complimentary Bathroom Gift pack, and we stand behind our quality work.

You can contact us anytime for questions and enjoy a full warranty.

Questions? Please get in touch, we're here to help.

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